Cretan Tower

Taverna ELEVEN

taverna-eleven-stavromenos-0012The American. That’s how my grandfather used to be called here on Crete. He left at the beginning of the 1910s and he created a restaurant in Astoria, which actually was very successful, but the missing of home became undefeated. So the returning back was the only solution. He bought lots of land, olive trees and made a fortune, when he returned. Among them, a big piece of land next to the sea. After his death, in the World War II, the family shared the lands and left to Athens.

Many years passed till Costas decided to come back and give some high decibels to the area called Stavromenos, 11 kms away from Rethymno, with the first for the city Discotheque, named ELEVEN. It was 1978. Lots of people used to full the bar and life was passing by easily during those pure and good years.

After many years and time changes, Costas decided to follow his fate. The fate which was written on his DNA, by his father. To open a restaurant on the beach, as people needed that and not many restaurants were like that, so close to the sea. So after lots of efforts and tries, taverna ELEVEN was a reality, in 1999.

Everything was hard and unknown in the beginning. Till the moment that Dora took the lead role of cook in the kitchen. She put all of her temperament into food and her Asian Minor secrets gave a new meaning in the word ”love for food”, “love for family” and “love for creation”. Every year, something new was on the menu, till ELEVEN, got to the point where is now.

There are no customers at ELEVEN. They are all friends and family. There are no fake smiles, only true hugs. It’s not the money the priority. It’s the pleasure that good food gives and the calmness of the sea upon the soul.

No matter how much ELEVEN will change throughout the years. No matter how the appearance will look like, it will always be the small taverna next to the sea. The small taverna that is always consequent to the love and trust of people as well as to prices.

Either it is fish or meat. Either it is cooked in the casserole, fried or grilled or it is salad, everything is completely fresh, made with love and tender by Dora, in order for you to enjoy it next to the waves, with the salty air touching you softly and the sunset to ease your mind.

For reservation/information please contact: (+30) 697 403 0100